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NRM should GO!
The time for the revolution has come, it’s every one’s responsibility to create the change we want in our country. Let’s not be moved by money, Money will pass away, Museveni will pass away but Uganda will remain an autonomous country that you and me are very proud of. It’s very hurting whenever I see a young man or woman gallivanting around in a yellow T-shirt or raising his Thumb as though there is any tremendous benefit for the youth from NRM. Born in 1988 in Uganda, I have seen only a tyrannical rule of government , as young as I am with very little knowledge and expertise in any field, I have the honour to say that our country; “Uganda deserves better” The youths; we are the majority in this country, we comprise over 60% of the total population. It’s therefore incumbent upon us to rise up and claim our country that has been taken up by the tyrants of NRM who have done more harm than good to our country by misappropriating public funds insurmountably to our greatest dismay. In my own opinion, “ its criminal to support NRM” The blind men have seen, The deaf have heard and the dump have spoken, If you love Uganda, Vote against NRM in 2011, If we must have peace, Democracy, freedom, Justice and Development. We can’t have the same country with the same leadership and you expect change, For 20 years where has this change been? There is no more time for experiment, we have observed and we know what NRM has done to us. Look at our infrastructure, the ailing Hospitals, Education has broken down to business, Poverty, Disease and Ignorance are a normal phenomena among us. Surely at such a time of evolution across continents, people are even still dying of jiggers in Mayuge, this is unacceptable basing on the expected standards of living in a third world country . I am no “intellectual” if I still support NRM today! For money? How cheap could my intellect be? I should say, " I would rather die on my feet that live on my knees". This country is ours, we have been born in it and we shall decide the direction and destiny we want for it. How many of us work in Kampala but cant afford to stay there?, How many of us work in hotels that we cant afford to eat in, How many of us teach in schools we cant afford to educate in? How many of us work in hospitals we can’t afford to be patients in? its a pity. We have been used, robbed and dumped, we are leaving our country to individuals who don’t care about the nationals. Look at the unemployment rate, where shall this country be in 20years from now if the state of affairs are as they are for even the next five years. Fellow Ugandans, I am not too old to guide you, but I know that the only possibility to deal with this vice is making the rightful choice come 2011, enough is enough for NRM “Uganda deserves better”. The time is now for me and you to rise up and say no to NRM. Kakaire Wilber
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