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I want to express my self over this issue for I have been silent about it , Not because I have not been pressed by the accusation for along time but because I have explored all reasons and do believe that all are contributors to it but the greatest responsibility is that Women are challenging our good morals publicly. I would like to ask the Question. What do you expect to see when a stronger Sex is provoked by a weaker Sex?
I have come to agree with my conscious that for such along time , Men have been seen in the limelight as CHEATERS, Yes Men are cheaters and we do agree that we have been cheating , However, This has been made an accusation towards men and I would like to so ask, Have men abandoned the women and are now cheating with animals? or have they abandoned women and are all cheating with fellow MEN. I pose this question because I do believe that as much as it has been purportedly said that Men cheat and we are all seen as the same in the eyes of women, I should articulately say it that there are millions of women out there who, even when they know that I kakaire Wilber, I am married or dating Kembabazi Gloria, even if she is their best friend, They are ready to sleep with me and will make it a point to tempt and coarse me to do so. This makes me think that Men are put in a position where their good morality is being challenged by women in society. Shall we then be subjected to criticism if we are successfully tempted by women?.

I would like to pose the question I first asked. What do you expect to see when  stronger sex is provoked by a weaker sex.? As much as we are all humans, Men have been wired positively so that They can be attracted to women who are wired Negatively , Don't quote me wrongly with the phrases of positivity and negativity but just to drive the point of attraction to each other. Now women have exploited the weakness of Men by provoking us sexually and this is not about to stop. If there was a point in time I have thought so strongly of sleeping with a girl then perhaps she has crossed my eyes and her dress code is sexually provocative and trust me is the timing, Environment and all factors are favorable... Then the stronger sex will be a weaker sex having been touched at a very weak point will subdue. Is that what we call Taking advantage of Women. Who has taken advantage of the other here?.
I should say , It takes more than a man under such an environment not to cheat.
I therefore would like the women to take responsibility and know that this is not our way but their war to fight with themselves. As men we have been fighting and its evidenced when we undress badly dressed girls in public places to protect our families, we don't want to cheat but you are forcing us to do so. As much as there are many factors that do lead to cheating, I believe within my environment, A girl sexually provocative on the streets where every man is watching is such a  precedent towards your Man cheating.

Women take responsibility.
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